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Efficient MicroNutrient Extraction

It’s hard to look at a metal battery and think that it can help to grow healthier, stronger plants, but it is possible to use the MicroNutrient recovered from recycled alkaline batteries as fertilizer additive. The alkaline battery processing system developed by Marlie Inc. and used by clients around the world can process 50,000 pounds of batteries in an 8 hour shift, a rate of 25,000 pounds of zinc and manganese each day. The zinc and manganese material can then be treated, sized and cleaned for marketing as a MicroNutrient additive for fertilizer.

Recommended Globally for Strong Crops

MicroNutrients are presently being added to fertilizers to increase crop yields, by up to 49%, and they also add nutritional value to crops. The MicroNutrients are being recommended by world food associations to increase food nutritional values. As a result of their use in the diverse climates of Asia, Africa, North America and South America, prices and demand for MicroNutrients are steadily increasing on world markets.

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